Back at the Starting Line

Our bedroom

It's funny that I find myself in the same predicament and run to the same comfort as I have when I started this blog. So many things has happened, wonderful things, some even greater... what I have realized is that my motivation for writing are not the great things... I write to find solace.


I do not know where to start. Or where to pick up from... it's been so long. All these seems utterly familiar but I find myself at a lost. Maybe its the numbness or the profound mixed emotions or maybe just the pure shock of it all.

The struggle is immense. The fight to move and the effortlessness of giving up. I feel spent and it's so easy to just pull out but I know that this will not be what I want in the long run...

... But I am tired of running head on... I want to run away...

Amidst the labyrinth of emotions... I am just simply lost.

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